The Story Tree

A Worthy Theory of Change:

There is an old pain at least as old as the trees. A pain so deep it is now felt by the whole of earth, the wounds of which ooze with the stench and sheen of pollution. No one remembers, any longer, exactly how it happened, but a panic gripped the people and laid bare a fear of utter worthlessness. To numb the fear, some people began to spin grand stories. Stories that they were worth more than everything and everyone else on the whole earth. 

To keep the story of supremacy alive they had to persuade others to tell it too. When that didn’t work, they used physical and psychological force. They rewarded people who believed the story, and believers lived quite comfortably. But the pain fed on itself and grew and grew. All kinds of short-term fixes were applied to stop the pain, but manufacturing bandaids led to pollution. The pollution spread all the way to the North and South Poles.

There, under the elements, the story began to show cracks. In the cracks, earth pushed through. First, a green sprout. A child saw the beauty of the sprout and gave it water. The plant became a tree, the child became a grown-up, and they grew into friends. They cared for one another. The human picked the tree’s fruit every year so the weight didn’t break its branches, and the fruit fed the human and many others. The human being grew to understand their worth to the tree and the tree’s worth to them. The tree gave the human paper and together they wrote a new story. Person by person, began to heal the pain, stop the pollution and re-story their worth to the earth.

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