Tune-up your nature

Like instruments, our bodies need regular tuning to play at our best.

Additionally, noticing nature’s beauty comes with a natural awareness of earth’s suffering. Pollution (including climate change), environmental injustice and the threat of species extinctions are real and very stressful! Bracing against all kinds of stress on a regular basis can develop into chronic tension, which drains our energy. Regular tune-ups are helpful to shake off stress and stand up for responsible decision-making that considers our relationships to natural systems, communities and future generations.

TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises) are a series of seven exercises that safely activate a natural reflex of shaking or vibrating to gently release muscular tension and calm the nervous system. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE® is an effective, self-directed practice that can be used throughout your life to support your physiological well-being.

Our nervous systems have an inherent ability to literally shake off stressors and muscular tension and down regulate the body to a relaxed, balanced state. Dogs and young children do this naturally, but older humans have learned to suppress the shaking reflex. This is understandable as it can look and feel a bit odd at first! Initiated by the central nervous system, the tremors manifest along a spectrum from very subtle vibrations to more active rocking or shaking. The tremors release tensions in the myofascial tissue of the body, and help regulate and restore balance to the nervous system. The science of how it works is still unfolding, but you can test it for yourself!

As a certified TRE® Provider, I will teach you the 7 basic exercises and modify them as needed to suit your needs and range of motion. Throughout the TRE® process, I will guide you to stay tuned to the present moment, to adjust the pace of your movements, and to maintain comfort. You will learn to read your body’s internal cues and regulate your own experience.

It takes about 3 sessions to effectively learn the process so you can continue the practice on your own. I offer individual TRE® sessions by appointment via Zoom. Sessions generally occur on Tuesdays, Pacific Standard Time.

Introductory package: Sliding scale $265 - $200

Maintenance tune-ups: Sliding scale $90 - $60

  • 90 minute session
  • 60 minute session

Rachael tunes up with TRE® regularly and is particularly interested in sharing this technique with other environmental professionals to help keep us going! While every single body and TRE® session are unique, clients often report benefits such as a sense of calm, increased range of motion, ability to manage anxiety, and restful sleep.

For those working through significant, unresolved trauma(s), TRE® can be helpful in tandem with counseling. To find a counselor near you who also offers TRE® please see TRE Provider List.

Learn more about TRE®: https://traumaprevention.com/