Reading nature's classes are not about spelling or grammar, they're about learning to see and listen to the world around you. Step outside to track down a story of your choice, and then dig in to share what you observe through writing and drawing. Learn tricks to expand your awareness in nature, and focus your skill as an artist to storyboard, thumbnail, draw and ink your comic or drawing. No drawing experience or skill is necessary.


Nature's ABC's (Ages 4-6): Go on a family scavenger hunt to make your own ABC book!

Critter Comics (Ages 7-8): Draw your own animal stories.

Sea Creature Comics (Ages 8-9): Explore marine biology.

Healing Nature (Ages 10-12): Learn a few medicinal plants and craft salves and tea.

Reading Nature (Ages 10-12): Explore the biology of nature and different ways of knowing.

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Story Tracks Comics

Introducing Story Tracks Comics, the curious adventures of Rattler Rach and Osa. Stay tuned for next season’s adaptation mystery coming soon in EarthBound Journal

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