We need to shift away from a detached, exploitive relationship with nature toward one that is close, protective, and regenerative.”  – Suzanne Simard, PhD

Story Tracks Comic

Introducing Story Tracks, the mostly true wild adventures of Rattler Rach and Osa.

Step onto the mysterious trail of Story Tracks!

Introducing Story Tracks


Wild Literacy Workshops

Wild literacy happens when we learn to read nature, to receive and understand the sense of shapes, sounds, textures and smells over time. 

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Wolf OR-7 Expedition

In 2014, I had the opportunity to retrace the remarkable journey of an ordinary wolf and catch the stories of people learning to live in wolf country once again.

Watch the Wolf OR-7 Expedition documentary film


ReStory Log

A view of my nature stories, poems, comics and articles over the years.

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Artist's Statement: The way we think impacts the way we act. Shifting our collective behaviors to live in sync with Earth requires a shift in dominant culture and ways of thinking. To help shift our thinking, we need different stories. Humans are storytellers, we are moved and motivated by stories. Our brains are networked by images and concepts painted by words and pictures, both verbal and nonverbal.  Stories that integrate head and heart, information and intuition, can help nudge our actions. Help restore earth by tending to the ways you think. What stories do you tell?