Northwest ABCs

/ nawrthwest ay bee sees / n. sense-based environmental literacy workshops that lead to familiarity of place.

“I’ve noticed that once some folks attach a scientific label to a being, they stop exploring who it is. But with newly created names I keep looking even closer, to see if I’ve gotten it right. And so today it is not Picea sitchensis but Strong arms covered in moss.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


Shapes and Sounds (Ages 0 to 2)

Introduce your newborn child to the shapes and sounds of their new world. An opportunity to get out of the house, and meet other parents for a relaxing nature stroll.

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Animal ABCs (Ages 3 to 7)

Each foot on the ground leaves a track, and like a letter they string together to form a word, sentence and a story about the writer. Learn to read the stories that local wildlife write with tracks and sign across the landscape.

Wild Name Game (Ages 5 to 7)

Get to know your wild neighbors by their true names. Through scientific and creative names, we will hold a scavenger hunt for as many different species as we can find.

Ecological Re-Story-Ation (Ages 14 and up)

What restoration projects are happening in your neighborhood? Learn about the basics of water, air and soil quality and through games, art and science unlock the creative potential for restoration through re-story-ation.

The Big One: Earthquake Ready (Ages 16 and up)

If the NW is hit by a really big earthquake as geologists predict, are you ready? Learn how to survive this survivable disaster. Includes kit building, practical tips, survival tricks, community planning and more.

Registration opens in August through Portland Community College

Woodswomen Gathering

Joins us for our first annual Woodswomen Gathering in 2017.

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