Northwest ABC’s

D is for Douglas Fir Cone

Northwest ABC’s / nawrthwest ay bee sees / n. sense-based environmental literacy workshops that lead to familiarity of place.

Shapes and Sounds (Ages 0 to 2):

An opportunity to get out of the house, and meet other parents for a relaxing nature stroll. Introduce your newborn child to the shapes and sounds of their new world.

Animal ABC’s: (Ages 3 and 7):

Each foot on the ground leaves a track, and like a letter they string together to form a word, sentence and a story about the writer. Learn to read the stories that local wildlife write with tracks and sign across the landscape.

Wild Name Game: (Ages 5 to 7):

Get to know your wild neighbors by their true names. Through scientific and creative names, we will hold a scavenger hunt for as many different species as we can.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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