See to schedule an online 2021 comics class in the Portland area.

Nature’s ABC’s / nā-chər ay bee sees (Ages 4-6): It’s a family wildlife scavenger hunt! Scout the names of plants, animals, rocks, landscape features… take photos and build your own, local ABC book.

Nature & Comics (All Ages, In-Person or Online): Fine tune your nature observation skills and tune in to nature’s sound system. Create characters inspired by your nature observations and learn to communicate through comics. Tell your own nature story through the power of images and words.

Reading Nature (Grades 6-8, 9-12, In-person or Online): Engaging biology students with evidence from the living world. From molecules to organisms, ecosystems to earth systems, understand the structures, processes, interactions, energy and dynamics that define Planet Earth. Based on “Reading Nature” curriculum by the National Science Teachers Association Press, aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

Healing Nature: Learn common medicinal plants and craft salves and tea.