Reading nature’s classes are not about spelling or grammar. Step outside to listen, observe and track down a story of your choice. Dig in to share what you learn through words and sketches. Learn tricks to expand your awareness in nature, and focus your skill as an artist to storyboard, thumbnail, draw and ink your comic or drawing. No drawing experience or skill is necessary.

See to schedule an online 2021 comics class.

Nature’s ABC’s / nā-chər ay bee sees (Ages 4-6): Go on a family scavenger hunt to make your own ABC book! Use shapes and textures to read the alphabet of your local landscape. This sense-based workshop leads to familiarity of place and nature’s seasons.

Critter Comics (Ages 7-9): Draw your own animal stories.

Sea Creature Comics (Ages 7-9): Explore marine biology.

STEAM Comics (Ages 10-12): Pick a problem, sketch different approaches to solutions and explore possible storylines. Learn to thumbnail, draw and ink your problem-solving comic. We’ll examine different approaches to answering questions like design thinking, biomimicry, the scientific method, Goethean observation and traditional ecological knowledge. What kinds of problems can you solve on paper? Draw inspiration from Rube Goldberg’s “invention for when you slip on a scatter rug.”  

Healing Nature (Ages 13-14): Learn common medicinal plants and craft salves and tea.

Reading Nature (Ages 15-18): Explore the biology of nature and different ways of knowing.