Restoration (Coming soon!)

Rest, restore and re-story.

Take care of earth by caring for your self, home and community. 


Just as night follows day, action requires rest. Our bio-logical bodies know this and all mammals have a natural ability to recover, integrate and recharge after periods of stress. To support our nervous system’s innate ability to restore balance, Dr. Berceli developed a series of 7 Trauma & Tension Release Exercises (TRE®) that help discharge tension after an active or stressful period.

Book a TRE® training session with a certified facilitator and learn more. TRE® as a restorative practice can be done by any body, any where. Facilitated sessions are recommended to establish a personal practice.   


Your home habitat is where you live, work and play. Does your habitat support biodiverse life? Supporting plants and trees that are adapted to your area in turn supports beneficial insects, birds, wildlife and the water cycle.

Like all other animals, humans have a place in nature. We have the ability to care for landscapes for the benefit of other species and ourselves. For example, woodcutters kept dead, woody debris from piling up which helped moderate wildfires. A forest without its local woodcutters, herbalists, farmers and hunters is like a Northwest ecosystem without beavers, birds, squirrels and wolves!

To restore your backyard habitat, see NW examples at, and book a consultation.   


The way we think impacts the way we act. Shifting our collective behaviors to take care of planet earth requires a shift in dominant culture and ways of thinking. To shift our thinking, we need different stories. Humans are storytellers, we are moved and motivated by stories.  

Our brains are networked by images and concepts painted by words and pictures, verbal and nonverbal, head and heart. Stories that heal the myth of right and left brain, that integrate truth and imagination, can help nudge our actions. Restore earth by tending to the ways you think. What stories do you tell?  

Contact us to request a class or storytelling event:

Find your story (in development): Draw your path to change and care-taking earth by re-storying your awareness of nature. Through a basic NeuroEducation lens, examine how our brains learn and draw out the gifts closest to your heart that are needed at this time.  

Nature Comics (All Ages, In-Person or Online): Toon in to nature. Fine tune your nature observation skills and tune in to nature’s sound system. Create characters inspired by your nature observations and learn to communicate through comics. Tell your own nature story through the power of images and words. See to schedule an after school class in the Portland Metro area.

Explore restoration by supporting plants, trees and wildlife habitat, as well as personal restorative practices to keep you going.