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Welcome to a growing collection of stories at the intersection between human and other species on planet earth.

"Content expressed in a "story way" creates relationship, translates information into image and excites our imagining - our sense of wonder." - Susan Strauss, "The Passionate Fact"

Kingdom Animalia:

Crows, Corvus

Recent research has shown that crows not only use tools but can construct them too.

Gray Wolves, Canis Lupus

In a wolf pack, the siblings, aunts and uncles often help to raise a new litter of pups.

Grizzly Bears, Ursus arctos ssp.

When grizzly bears fish for salmon along the coasts of Alaska and British Columbia, they often only eat the skin, brain and roe of the fish. This provides leftovers for gulls, ravens, and foxes.

Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae

Humpback whales are known for their complex songs, which travel great distances underwater and often last for hours on end.

Salmon, Oncorhynchus

Salmon are born in inland streams, swim out to the ocean and return to their birth streams by sense of smell.


 Kingdom Plantae: 


Microscopic ocean-going plants that provide half the world's oxygen supply.


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