To bridge human and nonhuman perspectives through the power of awareness, storytelling and healing. 


Reading Nature's programs support biological literacy, understanding our biological nature - inside and out. Awareness of our biological nature is not generally taught in dominant, Western culture. Our biology is our natural heritage, but it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Instead it comes with a directory of feelings. Sensations are intricately timed with the body’s cycles of hormones and external cues. When you feel like sleeping, sleep! When you feel thirsty, drink water! When you feel cold, find shelter! When our body is tuned to nature, survival feels natural. In fact, it feels good!

Reading Nature offers the tools of an artist and scientist to read and respond to what’s happening inside and around you. Slowly decolonize your programmed responses to the world and learn to trust different ways of knowing. Grow your awareness of self in relation to the rest of life on planet earth. You’ll know when you’re there, because connection feels good.     

Our primary course, Reading Nature thru Comics focuses on awareness of perception, perspective and point of reference through the crafts of storytelling, drawing and nature connection. It's not about the crafts, it's about awareness! 

Awareness of our relationships to nature, of internal to external and vice versa, strengthens our connection to self, each other and our environment.

The circadian clock is the body’s internal timing system, which interacts with the timing of light and food to produce our daily rhythms. The best way to achieve optimal health is to live in accordance with the clock rather than fight it. — Dr. Satchin Panda, PhD, Author of Circadian Code