To live and learn by the stars, seasons and nature's cycles.

Reading Nature envisions a world where humans live in sync with nature. Shifting from a culture of separation toward connection with nature calls for new stories. Learn to listen to nature and re-story your relations with nature inside and out.    


Reading Nature supports biological literacy, understanding our biological nature - inside and out. We aim to reset our inner clock to tick in sync with our biological nature, rather than an industrial era clock.  

As humans, our internal biological clocks are tuned to the earth’s rotation through the sun’s daily and seasonal cycles. Biological rhythms, called circadian, ultradian or infradian rhythms by biologists depending on their timing, describe cycles within an organism, tissue or cell that relate to an outside cycle in the environment such as the daily light-dark cycle or the tidal, weekly, seasonal, and annual rhythms of the earth’s rotation. Our internal metabolic, hormonal, central nervous system and even neurotransmitter systems are timed to biological rhythms.

Awareness of our relationships to nature, of internal to external and vice versa, strengthens our connection to self, each other and our environment.