Habitat & Landscape Restoration:

Support ecological integrity where you live. Whether it’s your yard, windowsill, or a favorite park or forest, learn to connect with the places around you. Tending to the soil, plants, pollinators and birds, supports healthy, biodiverse ecosystems for everyone.   

Through a holistic design process facilitated by Reading Nature, explore a place over time from the past to the future. Generate ideas and consensus for restorative landscape designs that are directly inspired by the place. Get to know your place and work with it as a whole.

Whole Land Design is a flexible framework that can be tailored to individuals and groups, small yards or large farms and forests. It can be tasted in 2 hours or digested over multiple days and months. It's a process to connect mind and heart with a place to help decisions big and small begin to flow with ease.

The process is guided by 7 questions, adapted from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's way of discovery or science, part of a unique lineage within the Western context that resisted a reductionist approach.

Whatever we do, or do not do, we are responsible in some way, directly or indirectly, for that part of the earth with which we interact and it is hard work to figure out all the ramifications and consequences of our actions. Becoming conscious of ourselves and our impact on our surroundings seems to be the task that we are being asked to take up today, in order that we can take full responsibility for the handling, care and future evolution of the earth, with which we are so intimately bound up and co-dependant upon.  – Margaret Colquhoun, from Reading Nature as a Text – Goethe’s Science Today

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