Climate Adapted Gardens: Northwest 

Climate (noun) /ˈklʌɪmət/: the average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation.

How do we plant for increasing summer droughts and heat, as well as winter ice storms, wind and heavy rain in the Northwest? Book a site assessment for recommendations in how to:

  • Read your yard's micro-climate - work with where you're at
  • Regenerate soil - draw down carbon
  • Plant more trees and shrubs - sequester carbon, transpire clouds, and add shade, shelter and food

Start with a tree.  

Plan your garden around your trees. Imagine the width and height of your trees in 50 to 500 years. Through a holistic design process facilitated by Reading Nature, explore a place over time from the past to the future. Generate ideas and consensus for restorative landscape designs that are directly inspired by the place. Get to know your place and work with your climate.

We need to shift away from a detached, exploitive relationship with nature toward one that is close, protective, and regenerative.  – Suzanne Simard, PhD

Book a site assessment.