Environment 2015: Salmon Cycle

Story-Tracks 2

Beaver tracks at Pixie Park on the Columbia River

Inspired by the goals of the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan, the annual Environmental Challenge series aims to:

“Prepare students to understand and to address the major environmental challenges facing this state and country, including the relationship of the environment to national security, energy sources, climate change, health risks and natural disasters.”

These courses are under development, and plans are underway to include opportunities for college credit and enhanced professional development for teachers.

Minimum age – 18

Salmon Cycle, late-June to mid-July ~ 3 ½ weeks 2015

Migrate by bicycle with the spring Chinook salmon up the Columbia River to their historic spawning grounds as far as the river’s source near Columbia Lake, in BC Canada. See the salmon cycle up close and meet the many people who strive to balance the needs of salmon with people.

Not excited about cycling? Volunteer to help the team from the Lamprey support van.

Pedal for Plastic-Free Seas, late June to mid-July ~ 3 weeks 2016

Bicycle down the Oregon Coast with frequent beach stops to catch and learn about plastic pollution in the ocean. Meet with conservation groups, research scientists, park rangers, waste haulers and plastic artists. We will create a plastic art sculpture as we go!

Wolf OR-7 Journey, Early June to July ~ 3 ½weeks 2017 www.or7expedition.org

Explore the challenges facing wolves in the 21st century firsthand by retracing parts of Wolf OR-7’s route from NE Oregon into Northern California. Following the heels of the 2014 Wolf OR-7 Expedition, we will cycle along backcountry roads and meet the people who juggle the complexities of human/wildlife coexistence on a daily basis.