To open the book of nature and listen.

Reading Nature is a web log of the stories you hear, see, feel, taste and smell in nature.

Find a sit spot, a spot outside that you visit often, engage your senses and get to know the ground, green and sky around you. Pay attention to changes, to birdsong at different times of year, to how the sound of road traffic changes with the wind. Read your place and write about it. Share your first-person stories with editors at [email protected] Connect with places around the globe. 

Reading Nature aims to increase environmental literacy, “an individuals understanding, skills and motivation to make responsible decisions that consider his or her relationship to natural systems, communities and future generations.” - No Oregon Child Left Inside Act 

How do we teach our children to make responsible decisions that include the impact of those decisions on others? Half-brained decision-making has led to dangerous toxins in our environment, persistent plastics in our oceans, and the untimely extinction of plants and animals... Children imitate adults. As adults, how do we mentor the next generation and model responsible, whole brain decision-making?

Reading Nature gathers and shares stories that bridge awareness of our relationships to natural systems, communities and future generations.